Patrick Muller is a sound creator with a focus on interactive systems and experimental design processes. He develops concepts and content, initiating, coordinating and directing projects in the area of sound art, installation work, sound branding and performance.


As a


Sonic Interaction Designer

Sound Installation Developer

Music Composer

Sound Designer



he realizes interactive sound installations and performances,  composes music for theater and dance, codes audio and video applications, explores innovative creation processes and techniques; as an independent artist in the area of sound and multimedia art, and as a freelancer for agencies.


Patrick teaches sonic interaction design at the HDPK (SRH Hochschule der populären Künste) in Berlin,  is a co-founder of *Invisible Design, and an design consultant for the award-winning atelier OBLIQUE.


He studied sound art, experimental sound creation, and sonic brand communication at the University of Arts (UdK) in Berlin with Prof. Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Prof. Sam Auinger, Prof. Dr. Martin Supper, Prof. Robert Henke (Monolake, Ableton); music composition and music production at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, UK; sound technology at the SAE Institute in Cologne, Germany.


Before and during his studies, Patrick was on tour across Europe and the UK with several bands and electronic projects as a musician – piano, percussion, drums, electronics, voice. Over the past years, he has been working in England, Belgium and Luxembourg.  He currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Press Article, Revue, November 2015, Luxembourg  (click on image to enlarge)