dan/ce = m/usic = da/nce = musi/c

Experimental Dance Performance with an Interaction Feedback Loop



dan/ce = m/usic = da/nce = musi/c is a interactive dance performance for two dancers and one digital reactive music creation system.

Choreographer Bernard Baumgarten and sound artist Patrick Muller get together to elaborate this multidisciplinary project which tries to reverse the dependence of dance on the rigid monologue of music. In dan/ce = m/usic = da/nce = musi/c, the music becomes a slave to the dancer’s presence and movements. Therefore, an interaction feedback loop is created by means of motion tracking of the two dancers: the latter generate and control the music, and at the same time, the music influences the movements of the dancers. However, the aim of this system is not to generate a random order of sounds, but to produce a structured, coherent and dramaturgical piece of dance and music, flexible enough to be individual at every performance.


Technically speaking: The dancers' motions are tracked by a Microsoft Kinect. The generated data remote controls a set of parameters of the generative composition, which was designed and programmed for this project. Now the dancers can control musical parameters like the harmonic structure, the speed, note length, rhythm, metrum, and tonality of the music, by moving their body into different positions.



Concept, programming, music composition: Patrick Muller

Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Dancers: Grégory Beaumont, Jorge Soler Bastia

Light Design: Brice Durand

Photography: Bohumil

Duration: 25 min



Brice Durand, Grégory Beaumont, Bernard Baumgarten, Jorge Soler Bastia, Patrick Muller


All photos by Bohumil