DÉRIVÉE – Patrick Muller & United Instruments of Lucilin

sound performance

Sound performance at the Luxembourg pavilion

of the EXPO 2020 DUBAI world exhibition.


Danielle Hennicot – viola, voice

Olivier Sliepen – saxophone

Patrick Muller – digital sound processing


As a live part to the multimedia installation GESTALTEN, the performance DÉRIVÉE blurs the borders between acoustic and digital sound generation, between poetry reading and music concert.


The musical pieces are thematically based on poems by Anna Leader, Nico Helminger and Tom Nisse – poems taken from Guy Helminger's Anthology, and read during the performance by Danielle Hennicot.


The computer is used as a musical sound processing tool, only processing in realtime – no prepared sounds, no playback, no automation.


Performances on January 20, 21, 23

Set of 3 x 12"

Dubai 2022