interactive audio-visual installation

Interactive installation which allows the visitor to conduct a virtual orchestra, made up of the conductor's desk and thirteen audio-visual panels. Main attraction of the Mendelssohn Museum in Leipzig, Germany.


At the conductor's desk, visitors can choose from a range of compositions, conduct the orchestra in real time using a wooden baton, put together a personalised orchestra by changing the instrumentation, scroll through the score, change the acoustics of the concert space, decide on a modern or historical tuning of the instruments, control the visualization of the music on the panels, and set the lighting of the room.

Leipzig 2014

ClientFelix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Stiftung


Idea and creative direction – Christopher Bauder

Interaction, visuals, coding – Markus Lerner

Sound production – Martin Backes, Patrick Muller

Sound coding – Patrick Muller

Supervision Recording – Martin Backes

Exhibition design – Bertron Schwarz Frey

Media technology – 235 Media