multimedia installation

Expo 2020 Dubai  –  Luxemburg Pavilion

multimedia installation GESTALTEN

(3 channel video, 6.1 channel audio)


at the Luxembourg pavilion of the

EXPO2020DUBAI world exhibition

32'50", Dubai, UAE, 2022



Three semi-transparent mirror cubes blur the lines between

an inside and an outside, reflecting on the idea of

political borders and national identities.


The installation is based on the idea that a nation is an artificial construct for which precise borders have been defined. This is completely arbitrary, and ultimately has nothing to do with people and cultures, for there are no precise borders on a social or cultural level, only gradual transitions. The term Gestalten refers to something blurred, something that is not really recognisable. We might guess what a gestalt represents, but its meaning remains to be interpreted.


The installation GESTALTEN translates this idea and interprets the concept of national identities by staging the contrast between a hard boundary and a gradual transition – the materiality of the mirrors, and the interleaved visuals of the inside and outside of the cubes.


MAKING OF documentary of the exhibition 'mir wëlle bleiwen, wat mir ginn', interviews with the artists. check 11:40 - 14:00 for GESTALTEN. Movie produced by Adolf El Assal – Wady Media

Concept, artistic direction, project management – Patrick Muller

Music composition and production – Patrick Muller

Exhibit design – Patrick Muller & Sarah Kamender

Exhibit build – Sarah Kamender &


Musicians – United Instruments of Lucilin

Percussion – Guy Frisch

Piano – Pascal Meyer

Alto – Danielle Hennicot

Clarinette – Max Mausen

Vibraphone – Pascal Schumacher



Poems written and spoken by Guy Helminger, James Leader,

Jean Bürlesk, Carla Lucarelli, Samuel Hamen, Tom Nisse


Voice and instrument recordings by Patrick Muller



Eyes filmed by Adolf El Assal, Patrick Muller

Eye models: Pol Krier, Matthias Horn, Sandy Muller, Timon Seul, Pascal Seul, Michelle Rasic, Julie Conrad


Visuals created by Pangolin Park, prjktr. Berlin, Adolf El Assal, Patrick Muller


Helping hands: Jean-Claude Muller, Maggy Muller, Robin Kamender, Ronia Kamender, Daniel Rupp, Leif Heidenreich


Produced by Fonds Culturel National

Co-produced by Ministère de la Culture, TROIS C-L Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgeois, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain



Curated by Kevin Muhlen and Bernard Baumgarten

In the framework of

Mir wëlle bleiwen, wat mir ginn. - Kënschtlerkollektiv


Interview with Salomé Jeko for