lectures & workshops

SRH Hochschule der populären Künst, Berlin, 2014 - ongoing: Lectures on Sonic Interaction Design as part of the Audiodesign BA, including historical context of interactive art; research about interactivity; hands-on experiments using devices like Leap Motion, Microsoft Kinect, Myo Armband; coding; sound design; creating concepts of interactive sound art installations.

Student Projects

 Sweetspot — an interactive sound installation about shaping sounds with physical movement within a defined space.


sweet spot, noun [ C usually singular ] uk /ˈswiːt ˌspɒt/ us /ˈswiːt ˌspɑːt/

1. the part of a surface that gives the most power for the least effort
2. the particular situation, quality, combination of things, etc. that is the best or most effective possible
(Cambridge Dictionary)


Developed  in 2017 by the students using Microsoft Kinect, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, computer, audio interface, two loudspeakers.

Works by Andrei Cucu, Kevin Titz, Matteo Brossette, Ian Maxwell Mauch

Supervised by Patrick Muller

Video production by Frederik Theyssen

KinderKulturMonat – Parcours Klanggeschichten, Berlin, 2018, 2019: One week workshop with refugee children about sound and storytelling. With sound artist Robert Heel. In the tradition of Musique Concrète and Electroacoustic Music, the children are introduced to the sensual experience of everyday sounds and their effects and aesthetics. Concept development by Robert Heel. More...

Alice Museum für Kinder – Labor Vision Freundschaft, Berlin, Neu-Ulm, 2015, 2016: Series of workshops for refugee children and adolescent, about friendship, fairness, and humanity. The workshops last for two full days, and include four artistic disciplines: theater, plastic arts, music, animation. Music workshops developed by and led by Patrick Muller. Development of a song using found objects as instruments. More

Alice Museum für Kinder – ALICE IN DER KLANGKISTE, Berlin, 2014, 2015, 2016: Series of workshops about acoustics and sound, for children in primary school age. Supported by ZAPF Umzüge, the Klangkiste container is moved onto schoolyards in Berlin. A collection of hands-on sound objects demonstrate specific acoustic properties. Educational content developed by Alice Museum für Kinder and Patrick Muller. Workshops led by Patrick Muller.

KINDER MACHEN KURZFILM, Prenzlau, 2015, 2016: One week project for children aged 11 to 13 to produce their own short movie, with professional support and equipment. Patrick Muller led the sound department, teaching how to operate the boom and record sounds. More

Alice Museum für Kinder – Freundschaft ist ein Schatz, Berlin, 2015: A two day workshop at a Berlin primary school about friendship, led by Alex Nickmann, Anja Stanislawski-Foest, Stefanie Doehle, Patrick Muller. Production of a series of stories, stop-motion animations, sound design elements and music tracks about friendship matters.

SENECA INTENSIV – Bildungsprogramme für künstlerische Bewegung, Berlin, 2014: Series of workshops about sound and music composition for dancers and choreographers. Developed and led by Henning Fuchs and Patrick Muller. More

IMK Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation, Berlin, 2010, 2011, 2012: Workshops about sonic branding, including development of a sound logo for a fictional brand, for the students of the institute, on behalf of Sebastian Waschulewski.

Klangbus, Berlin, 2010: Three day workshop at the Waldschule primary school in Berlin; led by Spiro Sakoufakis, Carl-Frank Westermann, Bastian Holzheimer, Patrick Muller, as part of the  Projektwochen Hörerziehung. After a sound walk, the children built sound busses, using soundchips and loudspeakers, which emitted sounds that the children recorded themselves. Supported by the Kultur- und Bibliotheksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf by means of the Projektfonds kulturelle Bildung des Landes Berlin.