My voice is an orchestra!

Orchesterkrake – interactive music education installation




Orchesterkrake is an interactive installation that introduces both children and adults to orchestral music in a playful and yet challenging way. What do the various instruments sound like? How does rhythm work? How does it feel to be part of an orchestra; to play an instrument yourself, together with other musicians, as part of a fantastic sound organ?

Orchesterkrake allows to explore the world of orchestral music both collectively and individually. Up to eight people can perform simultaneously – the octopus unites them into a musical ensemble. Rhythm pads, microphones, and a custom tailored software for converting one's own voice into any orchestral instrument in real time guarantee for a unique experience.

Orchesterkrake premiered at the Am Ohr der Welt – Musikwelten Festival in Octobre 2017 at the ufa fabrik Berlin and is now being prepared to be going on tour.




Client – Musikwelten Berlin MWB gGmbH


creative coding, music content, sound tech concept & implementation – Patrick Muller

idea and artistic concept – Nathalie Schock

octopus design – Anja Furthmann

carpentry – Marc Crelo


Berlin, 2016 - 2017


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