interactive sound installation

Interactive sound installation introducing both children and adults to orchestral music in a didactic playful and challenging way. Orchesterkrake allows visitors to explore the world of orchestral music both collectively and individually. What do the various orchestra instruments sound like? How does rhythm work? How does it feel to be part of an orchestra; to play an instrument yourself, together with other musicians, as part of a fantastic sound organ?


• real-time conversion of the visitor's voice into an orchestra instrument

• rhythm pads

• different musical pieces and styles to play along, using the rhythm pad or the microphone

• silent mode (headphones) or public mode (loudspeakers integrated in the squid head)

• custom software for voice-to-instrument conversion

• custom built switches and knobs to control volumes of individual instruments, voice, orchestra playback

Berlin, 2016 - 2017

Client – Musikwelten Berlin MWB gGmbH

Coding, interaction design, music content, technical concept & implementation – Patrick Muller

Idea and artistic concept – Nathalie Schock

Octopus design – Anja Furthmann

Carpentry – Marc Crelo