audio-visual concerts by Henning Fuchs

A New Beginning  is an audio-visual concert series created by composer Henning Fuchs with

Henning Fuchs – guitar, piano, vocals
Patrick Muller – live sampling & sound processing
Sven Mücke – art direction & visuals, percussion


The performances are based on the album A New Beginning  featuring

Henning Fuchs – Programming, Electronics, Sampling, Piano, Vocals

Manu Delago – Hanghang

Maria Todtenhaupt – Harp

Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir – Violin

Emmanuelle Bernard – Violin

Lotte Dibbern – Viola

Andreas Voss – Violoncello
Philip Krause – recordings at Emil Berliner Studio, Berlin

Goetz B. – mixing at Soho Sound Kitchen, London

Henning Fuchs
 – music writing, composition, arrangement, production

Henning Fuchs is a music composer and musician. He has scored over 40 short films and documentaries. He assisted renowned composers and worked on more than 20 internationally acclaimed movies and TV series. From 2012 to 2016 Henning worked closely with Max Richter on film, album and theatre related projects.