More selected projects

Sonic Interaction Design

Berlin, Luxembourg, ongoing

lectures & workshops



multimedia installation, Luxembourg 2023/2024

at the Pomhouse – Centre National de l'Audiovisuel in Dudelange, Luxembourg

Vernissage 23.09.2023,  11:00

Gestalt in D minor 

experimental acoustic-electronic drone sound performance, 2023

with Pol Krier

at Mezzanine Pomhouse in Dudelange, Luxembourg

Just When I Thought I'd Know You

Sound performance at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, 2022

with Max Kullmann, as part of the Rainy Days festival



music performance, Luxembourg, 2022

A musical cartography of Esch's diversity in 2022 minutes of music by contemporary music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin,

as part of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture

Spectrum Cinqfontaines

music composition, Dubai 2022

for art movie Spectrum Cinqfontaines by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron

as part of the Luxembourg pavilion at the Expo2020Dubai

Art is Coding

Graphic design, coding, Luxembourg 2021

Group exhibition Temporary Contemporary at the Casino – Forum d'art contemporain Luxembourg


Sound of Potz

music performance, Luxembourg 2018

with  Guy Frisch (percussion) at the MUDAM – Contemporary Art Museum Luxembourg


SCAPE, augemented reality, virtual reality, 3D Sound, binaural, immersive


Berlin 2015-2018

3D audio research project


Social Video Booth

Interactive video installation, Berlin, 2018

Coding and software development. Client: prjktr. Berlin

Die klingende Dusche

Interactive sound installation, Berlin 2018

Interaction design, coding, technical build. Client: Musikwelten Berlin


Mythen der Moderne

Audiowalk, Bochum 2018.

Sound design, artistic and technical consulting. Client: Pia Janssen.

Audiowalk and artwork in Bochum, staging the post-war architecture.


A New Beginning

Audiovisual performances. Berlin, 2017-2018.

Live sound sampling and processing for composer and performer Henning Fuchs



Interactive video installation, Berlin 2017

Coding and software development. Client: prjktr. Berlin


dan/ce = m/usic = da/nce = musi/c

Interactive dance performance, Luxembourg, France 2015

concept development, music composition, coding, technical development for interactive dance performance, in collaboration with choreographer Bernard Baumgarten


Pop Up Cranach, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Interactive Installation Sound

Pop Up Cranach

Interactive sound installation. Berlin, 2014.

Technical production. Client: Alice – Museum für Kinder


Pop Up Cranach, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Interactive Installation Sound

Imperial Valley

Dance performance, Luxembourg 2014

Music composition for the dance piece Imperial Valley by Bernard Baumgarten

Pop Up Cranach, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Interactive Installation Sound

You Go Ahead

Short movie, Luxembourg 2013

Music composition for short movie You Go Ahead by Govinda Van Maele


Diverse, Berlin 2009-2012.

Concept development, sound design, music composition. Client: Lufthansa. Agency: Metadesign.

Acoustic scenography for the new Lufthansa Airbus A380 microsite, for the Boeing 747-8, for the Lufthansa app.



Diverse, Berlin 2011

Sound design. Client: Seat. Agency: Wesound

Acoustic scenography for the SEAT customer touchpoints

Food for Your Senses

Documentary movie, Luxembourg 2012

Music composition for the documentary movie by Christophe Poulles


Diverse, Berlin 2011

Music composition. Client: Seat. Agency: Metadesign

Acoustic scenography for the VW Phaeton Lounges in China.


Berlin 2010

Music composition, Sound Design. Client: Siemens. Agency: Metadesign

Acoustic scenography for the Siemens trade fair presence.

Piotr und der Wolf im Schafspelz

Multimedia installation. Berlin, 2010.

Artistic concept, music composition, production.

Presented at Pulse Lab 10.0 / Club Transmediale 2010, curated by Robert Henke.


Zur Erinnerung

Sound art installation. Berlin, 2010.

Artistic concept, music composition, production.

As part of the exhibition Phonautopsy at the ancient morgue of the Charité Berlin.


Digital music effect, Berlin 2010

Artistic concept, coding


Online tool, Berlin 2009

Music composition for the Mazooka Interference Editor


Exhibition, Berlin 2008.

Music composition for the exhibition Wolken – Theatralisierung eines Naturphänomens by Sarah Kamender


Sound art installation, Berlin 2008.

Concept development and music composition for sound art installation Drëpsen at the Singuhr Hörgalerie (Großer Wasserspeicher Berlin),

as part of the group exhibition Klangspeicher, curated by sound artist Sam Auinger.

The Plot Spoiler

Movie, Luxembourg 2007

Music composition for Jeff Desom's movie The Plot Spoiler, awarded as best short movie at the film festival Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis 2007