Piotr und der Wolf im Schafspelz

Audiovisual installation for the Club Transmediale Festival (CTM) / Pulse Lab 10.0 festival




Piotr und der Wolf im Schafspelz  is an audiovisual installation created for the sound art exhibition Pulse Lab 10.0, curated by Robert Henke, as part of the Club Transmediale Festival (CTM) in Berlin, in 2010.

Piotr...  is part of a series of experimental music composition technique studies – reversing and mixing up accustomed work steps, conventions and working methods in the composition, production and recording processes of orchestral music.

This video shows an excerpt of two minutes.




Idea, concept, recording, editing, mixing – Patrick Muller

Conductor – Kurt Widorski

Violins – Susanne Feld, Mareike Ziegler

Violas – Hans-Gerd Hoyer

Double Basses – Tobias Fleischer

Saxophones – Johannes Schleiermacher

Trombones and saxophones – Anne Dau

Pianos – Patrick Muller

Vibraphones – Franz Bauer






Berlin, 2010