Sound design for the Audi Q3 presentation show in Leipzig – Agency: Wesound – Client: Audi

Sound design for the CARLSEN Hörbücher series.

Sound design for SEAT customer journey movie – Agency: Wesound – Client: Seat

Sound design for the Jacobs Webcafé Website – Agency: MetaDesign – Client: Jacobs Krönung

Sound installation Zur Erinnerung  as part of the exhibition PHONAUTOPSY at the ancient morgue of the Charité Berlin, curated by BERG26

Sound design for the new Jungheinrich sound logo – Agency: Wesound – Client: Jungheinrich

Music composition for Lars Peter Johann's theatre performance Sprachwellen, as part of the opening events of the new TAK (Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg), in Berlin. With Simone Jaeger, Alma Maja Ernst, Cordula Zielonka, Olga Osorio.

Music composition for Govinda van Maele's short movie You Go Ahead – Géi Du Scho Mol Vir.  More

Technical sound concept and implementation of the interactive installation DUSCHMIX – Agency: aconica – Client: Landesmusikakademie Berlin

Sound design for a series of SCHWAGER & STEINLEIN Hörbücher.

DREPSEN – sound installation


"Drepsen" is a sound installation created as part of the collective sound art exhibition Klangspeicher, at the Großer Wasserspeicher (Singuhr-Hoergalerie) in Berlin.

The Großer Wasserspeicher in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg was built in the 19th century and served as a water reservoir for many years. Nowadays the naked stone walls, built in 5 circles around the center tower, provide great sound reflection surfaces. The Großer Wasserspeicher therefore has an immense reverberation time of about 14 seconds.

During the sound exhibition Klangspeicher, one loudspeaker per circle plus one subwoofer were stimulating the air inside the reservoir.

Drepsen is custom-tailored to the acoustic properties and resonance frequencies of this extraordinary space.
The above movie only gives a very subjective impression of what the sound was like inside the reservoir. On location, the sound is overwhelming, inspiring, fantastic. The most amazing effect is the changes of musical harmonies, sound colour, and rhythm, that occur when the listener changes his position within the circles of the reservoir.


Hosted by Singuhr-Hoergalerie 

Curated by Sam Auinger

Technical assistance: Dany Scheffler and Hannes Strobl

Singuhr-Hoergalerie assistance: Christian Roth

Participating artists: Damian Rebgetz, Jan Cziharz, Tomek Wochnik, Daniela Imhoff, Christian Schulz, Emad Parandian, Robert Schwarz, Annie Goh, Pure, Thomas Koch, Alexander Sieber, Anke Eckardt, Gilles Aubry, Ulrike Sowodniok, Max Schneider, Till Spielhoff, Bastian Holzheimer, Johannes Steininger, Patrick Muller.

Support by the University of Arts Berlin (UdK) – Sound Studies.

THE PLOT SPOILER – music composition


Original music composition for the 40 minute film by Jeff Desom. Awarded "Best Luxembourgish Short Movie" by the Letzebuerger Filmprais in 2007. If you like vegetables, you will love the Plot Spoiler! Watch the official Plot Spoiler trailer here. Find further information about the talented Jeff Desom here.


Writer, director, producer, cinematographer, production designer, editor, special & digital effects: Jeff Desom

Actors: Gilli Milligan and many more

Music composition: Patrick Muller

Full credits

FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES – music composition


Music composition for Christophe Poulles' documentary movie  about the Luxembourgish music festival Food For Your Senses, a highlight of the Luxembourgish festival scene each year.

Director: Christophe Poulles

Music composition: Patrick Muller

More information here

WOLKEN – music composition


WOLKEN - Theatralisierung eines Naturphänomens is an exhibition by Sarah Kamender at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik in Berlin, 2008. Wolken… explores the representation of clouds in a theater stage environment. A series of case studies was created by Sarah Kamender, the results of which can be seen in this exhibition. The above video shows an excerpt of about four minutes. The original score is about half an hour long.


Concept development, research, design, manufacturing, stage design, photography: Sarah Kamender

Music concept development, music composition: Patrick Muller

STEAMING LIKE AN AUTOMATIC STEAMING MACHINE – Music Composition for audio-visual installation


An experimental audio-visual track which premiered as an audio-visual installation at the FAIM (Feria de Arte Independiente en Madrid) in October 2003. The above video shows an excerpt; the original track is 14 minutes long.


Visuals: Luis Madrid

Music written by Pol Krier, Patrick Muller, Gilli Milligan
Music mixed by Robert Whiteley and Patrick Muller
Music produced and remixed by Patrick Muller

RAINWASH – music composition, live performance

Music composition and live performance for theater play RAINWASH by J.P. Morgan. Premiere at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, UK, 2003. Nominated for "Best Original Music" by the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) in 2003. A quad surround system plus two subwoofers were used to supply a fully immersive sound experience. A computer/sampler based audio setup enabled to perform the music in realtime, responding to the actors on a detailed, semi-improvised level.


Written and directed by J.P. Morgan

Lighting Design: Sarah Kamender
Music composition and performance: Patrick Muller